Con il portafoglio di si apre la strada verso il milione di Dollari. A Novembre la performance si attesta a un eccellente + 19,3%

As of December 25, 2017, portfolio (the road to one million dollar) is still growing and has a quarterly performance of + 22.0%, still well above the benchmark, which stood in the same period at + 9.3%.

Only one stock out of 8 has a negative return (BBBY: -0.75%), while 7 of the remaining 8 stocks achieved a return above 10%, with three positions above 20% and two above 30%.

The details of the performance of each stock are shown below.

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Revlon (REV)

Revlon è la top performer del portafoglio di BullsandBears

No news compared to November on the company active in cosmetics and personal care. After the September tear, the stock continues to fluctuate within the trading range 20.65 $ – 23.50 $. Currently, Revlon is the best performer in the portfolio, with a + 37.95% increase.

There are no news about the title compared to what was commented in the October update.


Leggero ripiegamento del titolo GM nel portafoglio di BullsandBears nel mese di Dicembre
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GM has retreated from the highs of November, even in the absence of significant news.

Waiting for the news from Detroit Autoshow to be held next January, the performance of the stock stands at + 17.31% in the quarter, including the quarterly dividend of $ 0.38 distributed on December 7, equivalent to a 3.4% yield per annum.


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In the last month Luxoft continued to perform well after the November upside due to the excellent data obtained in the second quarter 2018.

No major news. We highlight the release of the Pivotal Research report which put the target price at 70 $.


Spirit Airlines
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The positive trend of Spirit Airlines continues. The stock is rising for the third consecutive month.

The month of December did not bring relevant news. We report the upgrade on the Deutsche Bank stock, which raises the target price to 58 $.


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IGT is down in the month, falling short after having positively benefited from the excellent results of the third quarter. The stock is the third best performer in the BullsandBears portfolio, with a remarkable + 28.87%.

Also in this case we note the upgrade of Argus financial analysts, who set the target price at 35 $.


Synchrony Financial continued to rise in December.

During the month, the stock increased its return from + 17.06% to + 26.45%, thanks to the sharp reduction of credit card charge-offs in November, which fell from 5.23% to 3.09%.

Also in this case we point out the “reawakening” of financial analysts on the stock: BTIG has raised SYF target price to 44 $.


Forte upside per il titolo MAcy's in Dicembre all'interno del portafoglio di BullsandBears
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Macy’s continues to accelerate reaching in December the 7-month market highs.

The stock enjoyed excellent November data on retail sales, which grew in 12 of the 13 product categories, for a total of + 6.3% compared to the same month of 2016.

On 2 January Macy’s will distribute a quarterly dividend of 0.3775 $, equivalent to a return of 7.53% on an annual basis.


December was definitely a “roller coaster” month for the BBBY title.

This is also thanks to Mr. Market, which pushed the stock to a daily drop of more than 12% (with a partial recovery on the following day, when the stock rose almost 5%), despite a very good earning release.

The threats the business of the New Jersey company has to face are well known, but BullsandBears considers them already discounted in the extremely depressed levels of the stock and still keeps BBBY in its portfolio.

The tremendous opening of the post-publication title of the third quarter results

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Source: on Yahoo finance data



[/ av_image ]

In December, there were no significant news on Tesla, with the exception of Musk’s announcement of his interest in the hardware development of the AI ​​for motor vehicles, as well as the one – already known – for the software.

Will further capital collections be needed for a company that is burning large amounts of cash on a monthly basis?

BONUS: the well-known short investor Jim Chanos is skeptical about the prospects of the Palo Alto company; his motto: “Tesla worth zero”

DISCLOSURE: this article DOES NOT represents a solicitation to invest in one or more of the mentioned stocks. Therefore, it does not represent any offer, invitation to offer or promotional message, in any form addressed to the public, aimed at the sale or subscription of financial products.

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